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We nurture the art of giving unique, meaningful gifts for all occasions, or even without a specific reason.

Some gifts can be personalized with a name, or, if you wish, a handmade and handwritten card dedicated to someone special. For us, even the packaging can be a way of saying "I love you" - so you can be sure that every little piece of art or craft will come to you nicely wrapped, even if you didn’t click the ‘gift option.'

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Who we are...

We are a duo of sisters who love to design and make things and want to gather people who share our passion in unique, handmade objects. We like to call it heart-made as we believe that when something is designed and created, not only minds, eyes and hands are involved in the process – the concept must come straight from the heart. That's why we always want to make sure that our products appeal to all your senses - including the sixth.



Our Sisilosophy...

Our Dream...

We would like people to enjoy these beautiful pieces resembling the most important things in life;  love, family and friends, or the most important events; your brother's wedding, your niece's birth, or mum and dad’s anniversary. We would like them to be associated with closeness, warmth and the human hands that created them.

We hope that our gallery will be a place where you pop in with joy and can always find something outstanding for your loved ones. Even at midnight - we are open late.