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We just love this simple and beautiful technique as it’s the quintessence of individuality.  No letter will be the same, even when stamped by the same person with the same tool. You can choose between 4 main colours:  blue mist, pale rose, grey and black, and between capital letters and lower case.

P e r s o n a l i s a t i o n

Each of us is unique, and most of us like to accentuate one's individuality – hence if you want to choose one of our personalised gifts for your loved ones, please send us an email with details or use our Customer contact form here Our top gifts are cushions, baby blankets, aprons, bags, tea towels and napkins. They can be personalised either by hand stamping or monogramming. Please note that it will take a little longer for a customised order to arrive – however, we’ll always do our best to ship it as soon as possible.

H a n d  S t a m p i n g


If you would like your item to be monogrammed, please let us know the thread colour and choose the font type you would like us to use.

M o n o g r a m m i n g